Music is my way of art


I am a passionate German-Lithuanian singer and songwriter based in Germany.
Explore the captivating world of my music, which combines elements of Pop and Synth with alternative influences. I call my style and genre alternative Synth-Pop.
As an artist, I have a passion for writing and producing my own songs, particularly the lyrics, as they allow me to express my emotions and feelings. Each of my songs tells a unique story that will resonate with you. Discover more about my musical journey and uncover the magic of my songs.
Let yourself be enchanted by my music and experience unforgettable moments filled with emotion.
Welcome to my world of music!

Music is my way of Art


Find me on various social media platforms, where I am most active on Instagram and Facebook.
For all my music videos, head over to YouTube.

Music is my way of Art


I am LIJA VAS, a German/Lithuanian musician from Leipzig.
I have been making music since my childhood. During my school years, I attended music and art schools, and received vocal and piano lessons. In my youth, I sang in a cover band for several years.
Alongside my musical experiences, I have also gained stage experience in the theater field for several years. During the pandemic, I rediscovered my musical roots and decided to create my own music.
My music tells my story. I want to bring people closer to my songs and emotions.
It deals with topics ranging from dreams and friendship to more serious themes such as depression, self-worth, and life's failures. My genre combines elements of pop and synth with an alternative vibe.
I write my lyrics in English and aim to collaborate with international artists. Music is my way of art, through which I process impressions from my everyday life and topics that I have been working on for many years. I want to grow with my projects and release my own albums and EPs, as well as perform my own concerts, in addition to streaming services.
Like K-Pop, my music is influenced by different styles, and I want to collaborate with various musicians and producers. I am open to collaborations and look forward to new projects.Besides being a Singer-Songwriter I am the Co-Host of two podcast projects. 'Dangerously Loud' is a German metal-rock music podcast. 'Laberkäse' is a German lifestyle podcast. Both are founded by Nerdzig.

music is my way of art


Below, you will find a list of my single and EP releases throughout my career. Let's dive in!1. "Feel Pain" - This heartfelt single delves into the theme of misunderstanding and
the experience of feeling alone. It captures the raw emotions associated with these struggles.
2. "Time Flies" - This uplifting single carries a message of hope and self-liberation.
It encourages listeners to break free from their constraints and embrace their true potential.
3. "Glass Bone Crash" (Cover) - Collaborating with Voloss,
I had the pleasure of creating a cover of Aura Dion's captivating song.
Together, we put our own unique spin on it, resulting in a mesmerizing rendition.
4. "Do you remember" - It is a song about friendship. I wrote this song for my best friend and it tells the story of the greatest moments we had together.5. "Do you remember" (Radio Edit) - It's a shorter version of the original song.6."Glass Bone Crash" (LIJA VAS Mix) - Collaboration with Voloss. It is a new version with new vocals and mix by myself. The song is a cover of the original title by Aura Dione.7. "Feel Pain" (remastered) - Remix and Remastered Version by myself. The Instrumental has new sounds played by Voloss.I hope this gives you a glimpse into my musical journey so far.

Music is my way of Art


Hello fellow musicians and producers,
I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. My name is LIJA VAS, an independent musician who is passionate about creating heartfelt music. I write my own songs, which tell the stories of my personal experiences and those of the people around me.
I am reaching out today to express my eagerness to collaborate with other talented musicians and producers. I believe that by joining forces, we can create something truly special and unique. I bring to the table my distinctive vocals and lyrics, which add depth and emotion to any project.
I am always open to new ideas and fresh beats. I believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking endless possibilities in the world of music. Together, we can create melodies that touch the hearts of listeners and lyrics that resonate with their souls.
If you are a musician or producer who shares my passion for music and is looking for a collaborator, I would be thrilled to hear from you. Let's combine our talents, blend our styles, and create music that leaves a lasting impact.
Feel free to reach out to me through my website, mail or any other platform where you can find my music. I am excited to embark on this musical journey together and see where our collaboration takes us.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Music is my way of Art


I have designed my merchandise with love, drawing inspiration from my songs. Each of my songs has its own unique design. I personally handpicked the products and customized the designs. All products are made on demand and created upon ordering. In addition to my merchandise, you can also find e-papers that provide helpful tips and guides for aspiring musicians. If you'd like to support me, please feel free to check out my Etsy shop.

Music is my way of ART


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